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.: Automatic Mono-block Machine
---(NECK 32-10)
---(For Special Liquids)



.: Specifications

Dimensions L:260cm,W:200cm,H:300cm
Conveyer Length 150cm
Conveyer Height 90cm-100cm (adjustable)
Body European Stainless Steel
Chassis Industrial Robust Chassis with Resistant epoxy coating
Usable containers All Kinds of PET Bottles
Speed 5000-8000 bottles per hour (adjustable)
Power Consumption 3.5 KW


. Machine Code: EN220

product 1

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  • All the parts involved are made from Stainless Steel, Polymer or metal with industrial stainless and rustproof coat
  • All electro-motors and gearboxes enjoy CE Certificate
  • Equipped with European brands Electric Board in high quality supplied by well-known and reliable companies
  • Full mechanical operation with adjustable stands for preferable level
  • Stainless Steel Container for material source with liquid lever controlling system
  • Steel pump system and steel vacuum tank (for vacuuming models only)
  • Adjustability for bottles' height (Standard)
  • Automatic level adjustment for liquid inside bottles
  • Automatic invertor
  • Automatic capping system
  • Equipped with 10 full steel magnetic heads
  • Possibility of door elevator installation to feed the Sorter with bottle caps (Optional)
  • Air-conveyer for Cap Sorter Machine fast feeding



Applicable for filling thin liquids such as different syrups, concentrate, mineral water, edible oils, industrial lubricants, agricultural pesticides, etc.



The design of this machinery is to hold PET bottles from neck and then inject the liquid in. Capping process is the next that is carried out automatically.