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.: Automatic Labeling Machine
---(Cold-Glue Labeling)



.: Specifications

Dimensions L:100cm,W:85cm,H:150cm
Label Dimensions L:10cm-32cm,W:3cm-20cm
Body European Stainless Steel
Chassis Industrial Robust Chassis with Resistant epoxy coating
Usable containers All Kinds of PET Bottles, Glass Bottles and Cylinder Cans
Speed Up to 4000 Labels per Hour (Adjustable)
Power Consumption 0.75 KW


. Machine Code: EN305

product 1

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  • All the parts engaged are made from Stainless Steel, Polymer or metal with industrial stainless and rustproof coat
  • CE Certificate for all electro-motors and gearboxes
  • Electric Board with high quality electric equipment supplied by famous and reliable European brands
  • Equipped with stainless steel chain conveyer
  • Mechanical sensors for bottles checking on track
  • Mechanical Stainless Steel pumps resistant against glue thickness
  • Electronic inverting system



Agricultural pesticides, the cosmetic industry, industrial oils and lubricants, food & beverage industries, petrochemical usage, pharmaceutical industries, edible oils, dairy products, detergents, etc.



Thanks to special design, all the moving parts are synchronized with 'one' electromotor only; and parallel rows of sticking labels are in line to attach to the pre-set locations on the containers with precise care.


The Feasible Methods of Label Attaching:

1. Half Cylindrical (half-round)
2. Full Cylindrical (full-round)
3. Flat (Optional)