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.: Automatic Rinser Machine
---(RNS 24)



.: Specifications

Dimensions L:175cm,W:150cm,H:180cm
Conveyer Length 300cm
Nozzles 12,24,32 and 48 Nozzles
Body European Stainless Steel
Chassis Industrial Robust Chassis with Resistant epoxy coating
Usable containers All Kinds of PET Bottles
Speed 3000-18000 bottles per hour (Depending on the machine Type)
Power Consumption 1.5 KW - 3.5 KW


. Machine Code: EN240

product 1

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  • All the parts involved are made from Stainless Steel, Polymer or metal with industrial stainless and rustproof coat
  • All electro-motors and gearboxes with CE Certificate
  • Electric Board with high quality electric equipment supplied by famous and reliable European brands
  • Equipped with Neck System for PET bottles and glass bottles
  • Stainless Steel tank
  • Reliable branded water pump with the best quality available
  • Adjustable stands for favorite level
  • Equipped with Air-Conveyer system for PET bottles
  • Electronic invertor



The design in this machinery aimed at inserting the PET containers from the neck and the have them rinsed in rotary pattern.