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Design and manufacturing Packing Machinery for food industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as manufacturing different kinds of tanks, single and multiple layer stainless steel mixers, poly ethylene (all in various capacities), etc.

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In addition to welcoming orders for machinery design as well as manufacturing, NIMA MACHINE ASIA Co., also intends to supply different chemicals for NIMA manufactured machineries washing to customers satisfaction.

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Feel free to contact us for further information and receiving company’s illustrated catalog:

tel : (+9821) 46 81 85 97 - 9
fax : (+9821) 46 81 86 01



About Us

NIMA MACHINE ASIA Co., aka NIMA MACHINE, with over 15 years of track record in designing and manufacturing activities of Packing Machineries for food & beverage ¬†industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, different kinds of tanks, single layer and multilayer stainless steel mixers, poly ethylene, etc. (all in various capacities) enjoys experienced personnel to achieve self-efficiency of the country not only in the field of design but also manufacturing Packing Machines in practice, through technical background and experiences of its knowledgeable experts who have beautifully mixed their skills with company’s ambition under the strong will and determination.
As prominent benchmark for measuring this company’s success, internationally standard parts, and raw materials are assembled to present high quality machineries in compliance with up-to-dated knowledge and knowhow. Moreover, 1-year Guarantee and 10 years After-Sales Service are other highlighted signs for company’s clients to find us “At Their Service” constantly and countrywide. Our ambition is to generate domestic high quality products, aims at one thing: “Customers Satisfaction!”
NIMA MACHINE is honored to collaborate with several reputable enterprises and famous industries. We look forward to shaking your hands to sincerely serve your esteemed company as well.


  • Sanitation in Packing
  • Resistance and Assurance
  • Costs Reduction
  • Fast and Convenient Function (User Friendliness)
  • Waste Elimination